Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The inaugural post...

So, the inaugural post of my blog. Where do we start?

It has been on mind for some time to share my thoughts about food and eating with the wider world, I do after all share it with those around me on a regular basis throughout the day. So, here I am sharing it with you now.

What are you having for tea tonight is a question that rings around every ofice I have worked in. It could come at 2.30, just after the lunch time feed, it could come at 4.30 as you start to think about popping to the supermarket on the way home, but it is always there on the tip of my tounge ready to open debate.

Often I have an answer, it is not unusual for me to have the weeks meals planned out before I leave for work on Monday morning, but there is always room for inspiration and additions to the menu.

The best conversations involve food. I love to cook, taking inspiration from a recipie, a TV show, a meal in a restaraunt,something that is sitting tantalisingly on the end of a supermarket shelf displaying it's for one week only offer, or the veg that turns up in the weekly organic box. So, from here on in I will share this with you.

I hope you enjoy.



Pete Goodrum said...

Follow this woman's blog. I can vouch for her innate love of food. At the age of seven she was able to specify a particular cheese from a restaurant's cheese board.
As to my last night's answer to 'What's for tea tonight'? Omlettes. And a glass of wine. Very Elizabeth David. Quick. Easy. Cheap. But I did compromise. Add low fat oven chips. Suddenly you have a meal of uniform gold colour, enough to satisfy, swift with no sweat.
Other tips? If you have two or more people at Sunday lunc, there are dozens of things yo can do with left over roast beef or pork. Makes Mondays marvellous.
Let's all tallk because this blog could ring a lot of bells other than than the microwave timer.

Lord G said...

I'm on board... this better be good wizzbit...