Thursday, 25 February 2010

I really don't know what I am having tonight.

Today is a very rare day. I really don't know what I am having for tea tonight.
Due to being out last night I haven't made lunch for today or sorted out tonight yet, very strange. I have just eaten an M&S sandwich for lunch, no fun at all and not nearly as satisfying as the home made variety, and now I have to give tonight some serious thought.
I do have a plan to cook, there is a butternt squash in the fridge that is the size of a new born child and it needs using up. I am going to try some butternut squash muffins, I have friends and family here this weekend so there is no danger of them going to waste, but I haven't baked with squash before. I will let you know the recipie I decide on and how it goes.
I suppose I could also give some other butternut treats a go, how about gnochi or pasta, any ideas on this would be gratefully recieved.
Who knows what I will come up with by the time I get to cooking tonight.

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