Monday, 15 March 2010

Guilty Pleasures

For some a guilty pleasure may come in the form of a lavishly iced cup cake or an oozing chocolate pudding, for me it tends to be savory. A bag of crisps, some salted nuts, nachos covered in bright green guacamole and dripping with melted cheese or the tinned new potato...
I am sure that for many so called foodies the tinned new potato is not something that has ever been introduced to your educated palates but for me these little tinned orbs of deliciousness offer comfort and solace when only food can help.
The tinned new potato doesn't really taste of potato at all, in fact they even have a slight soapy taste to them which is not matched by any other food at all. However, teamed with a good pork sausage grilled until the beads of fat caramelise on the taught skin and a tin of amber baked beans easing their way across the plate I have never found a better source of nursery comfort food. Brilliant for those, can't be bothered to cook days, those I need to eat something naughty days and those stop the world I want to get off days.
Whilst I can't guarantee the same memories of Grandparent's kitchens, childhood tea times, student houses and early days of London life that I get from this tasty treat, I would recommend you try them. I am looking forward to my next delicious tin already.

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Pete Goodrum said...

She's right! The tinned new potato is special, and it doesn't taste of potato. Try her tinned potato and sausage recipe but consider as an alternative to beans the equally odd tinned pulse....The Marrow Fat Pea. As similar to real peas as tinned carrots are to the fresh ones but very comforting.
last nigt I did this.
Cooked a very big rasher of back bacon in the pan, with a little vegetable oil and two halves of a tomato. (Invert and squash the tomato every few minutes to cook it right through. Scramble two eggs, toast a round of wholemeal bread. (The wholemeal eases the guilt).
Build the dish. Toast, bacon on top of that, scrambled egg, top off with tomato. Marvellous!
If you have a little longer and want to chat and have a glass during preparation check out Carluccio's Bolognese recipe. It's Tag Bog not Spag Bog...because that's what real Italians do. It will change your mind about an old favourite.